Chair and Editor of the Maryland Psychologist: Robyn Waxman, Ph.D.

Co-Chair: Brian Corrado, Psy.D.

Overview: The Communications Committee oversees internal and external communication projects of the association. Such projects include the monthly InPSYder enewsletter, weekly email blasts to the membership and the MPA website. The Committee also monitors the MPA listserv.

MPA Listserv Policy

This committee includes the Public Education Committee, which is a separate committee that does not have a board seat. The Communications Chair is a voting member of the Board of Directors.


  1. The committee publishes The Maryland Psychologist, the quarterly digital magazine of MPA. The co-chairs along with committee members and MPA staff suggest themes, topics, or authors for the magazine.
  2. The committee supports the MPA staff to produce the monthly online newsletter, the InPsyder. The InPSYder may include special features, promote MPA events, and include outreach such as the ‘member spotlight’ or a survey.
  3. The Communications Chair works with the Executive Director to monitor the MPA practice Listerv to ensure that members are using the Listserv according the American Psychological Association’s requirements.

Current Initiatives: Informally, communications are concerned with promoting the MPA brand, generating advertising revenue, and engaging members. Communications takes an active role in generating non-dues revenue to keep MPA fiscally healthy. For example, Communications may create opportunities for members or sponsors to advertise to the membership. Communications has been active in initiatives such as selecting the new MPA website. Communications may also determine how MPA can engage appropriately with corporate sponsors. Communications may take on special projects, such as fundraising with MPA themed gear.

Mission or Role of Committee: The Communications Committee’s mission is two-fold: 1) to improve communication within MPA to increase member satisfaction and retention; and 2) to promote MPA and its services to its members, potential members, and to the public. The Committee is responsible for coordinating internal and external communications via print (Maryland Psychologist, brochures), electronic (website, InPSYder, MPANEWS, listserv), and social media (FacebookTwitter).

Future Goals: The committee continues to work on the following goals: offering CE through TMP, creating social/networking events, generating non-dues revenue from the MPA gear store, expanding the reach and accessibility of classified advertisements, and revamping the Referral Service. The committee will also focus on website classified advertising revenue by targeting mid- to large-sized practices, related service providers, hospitals, and researchers seeking study participants.

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