Chair: Jessica Rothstein, Psy.D.

Mission/Role: The mission of the Diversity Committee is to develop, support, and promote awareness and sensitivity of the diverse communities to which Maryland psychologists belong and serve.

Accomplishments this past year: (2017-2018): 

  • Transitioned to a new Committee Chair and added several new members.
  • Worked with the Board of Directors (BOD) to move towards a more intentional approach towards diversity in all areas of MPA work. Some examples include: drawing attention to issues of language and inclusion at CE events and issuing statements to members in regard to issues of social justice.
  • Hosted the Essential Requirements Convention breakfast and helped educate MPA members about the role of the Diversity Committee. Designed and distributed a survey on diversity factors to gather information from MPA members on ways that MPA is doing well and areas of needed improvement.
  • Identified that MPA’s current membership demographic category labels were not representative of MPA’s standards, in regards to inclusivity.
  • Identified that MPA’s current membership numbers are skewed as compared to the number of psychologists in the state of Maryland; in particular psychologists who identify as persons of color are underrepresented in MPA membership.
  • Brought issue of Maryland Bill HB13 (i.e., allow an applicant to indicate the applicant’s sex as female, male. or unspecified) to the BOD and recommended it would be beneficial to support; Legislative Committee issued letter of support.