Chair: Jessica Rothstein, Psy.D.

Co-Chair: Whitney Hobson, Ph.D.

Mission/Role: The mission of the Diversity Committee is to develop, support, and promote awareness and sensitivity of the diverse communities to which Maryland psychologists belong and serve.

Accomplishments this past year: (2018-2019): 

  • Worked with the Board of Directors and Membership Committee to re-vamp demographic information gathered about MPA members to be more inclusive around identity factors (i.e., gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, etc.).
  • Continued to work with the Board of Directors to issue statements to members regarding social/political events that needed attention due to diversity factors.
  • Diversity Committee members regularly authored articles in The Maryland Psychologist.
  • Co-sponsored a movie event with the Early Career Psychologist Committee to provide a forum for discussion around socially relevant themes.
  • Co-led a discussion with members of the Ethics Committee at the Essential Requirements Convention to emphasize the importance of diversity in ethical decision making.
  • Had representation from the Committee at the State Leadership Convention.
  • Explored working with community organizations who serve marginalized communities to see how MPA can provide support to these organizations.