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Co-Chairs: Tanisha Drummond, Psy.D. and Shalena Heard, Ph.D.

Mission/role: The mission of the Maryland Psychological Association’s (MPA’s) Early Career Psychologists (ECP) Committee is to support the career development of Maryland psychologists who have obtained their doctorate degrees within the last ten years. This mission is achieved by bridging the gap between student membership and full membership as an ECP, encouraging active membership and leadership within MPA, and increasing comfort levels with advocacy and legislative issues pertinent to Maryland psychologists. The committee strives to provide opportunities for networking, training and education, mentoring, and other areas of career development and support. The goal of the committee is to serve the needs of all early career psychologists, across varied areas of practice and geographic locations in the state.

Accomplishments this past year: (2018-2019)

  1. After surveying our ECP members in Summer 2017, the following info was gathered and has informed our programming for the last two years:
    1. Majority ages 35-44; mostly living in Howard County, Baltimore, and Montgomery County
    2. Most respondents were licensed in the last 3 years
    3. Majority work in private practice, next common place was University counseling centers; very few faculty, hospital, community mental health
    4. Most people interested in attending non CE events
    5. Interested in attending mostly on Fridays, during the lunch hour
    6. Most popular topics of interest are supervision, followed by reporting child abuse/neglect and self-care
    7. Most people interested in attending networking events on Saturdays in Howard, Baltimore, and Montgomery counties
  2. Hosted 3 successful networking events:
    1. February 2019 – “Get Out” Movie Viewing and discussion, co-hosted with MPA’s Diversity committee
    2. May 2019 – MPA and DCPA Joint Social in Tenleytown
    3. June 2019 – Annual Winery Tour at Linganore
  3. Offered 3 successful webinars:
    1. December 2018 – Infidelity
    2. January 2019 – Creative Ways to Address School Refusal in Clinical Practice
    3. May 2019 – Loan Repayment
  4. Overall, our goal was to create less events and make a greater impact. We believe we reached this goal in that we had quality programs and a significant turnout for each event and webinar.

Current Initiatives & Future Goals: Host quarterly educational webinars, as well as socials events to promote networking and self care. Host and co-host mentorship and outreach programs to increase ECP participation in the advocacy and advancement of the psychology profession in Maryland.  Please click the links below to contact us with suggestions regarding our events:

  • Webinars
  • Networking Events
  • Outreach
  • Mentoring

Participation: We value membership involvement in our committee!  Please contact us at for more information about how to become involved in this committee or other MPA committees. Also check out our Facebook group, Maryland Early Career Psychologists