Chair: Linda McGhee, J.D., Ph.D.

Continuing Education Coordinator: Veronica Rand

Misson/Role: Educational Affairs is responsible for planning Continuing Education events through the Maryland Psychological Association Foundation (MPAF).

Vision: This committee strives to connect with MPA members to continually assess and meet professional and educational needs in a fiscally responsible manner, and to reach out to psychologists in all corners of the state and at all stages of personal and professional development through both on-site and distance learning.

Committee Mission Statement

  1. To coordinate opportunities for psychologists and allied professionals to earn continuing education credits towards maintaining licensure and to enhance professional development, professional practice, and personal growth
  2. To promote awareness of the most current research and best practice, emphasizing evidence-based practice in psychology, to assist psychologists in providing effective treatments to a diverse population of clients
  3. To improve Maryland psychologists’ ability to offer ethical, compassionate, and competent care to the public
  4. To promote a culture of life-long learning, curiosity, and scholarship
  5. To contribute to the mission and sustainability of MPA and MPAF
  6. To collaborate with and support other MPA committees in their efforts to educate psychologists and clinicians
  7. To promote networking and connections between psychologists and to facilitate the exchange of ideas and the development of professional relationships
  8. To utilize technology to provide distance learning opportunities

Accomplishments this past year: (2018-2019):

The committee hosted two multi-session conferences, free-standing workshops, two Post-Doctoral Institutes, and a Lunch and Learn series

  1. Multi-Session Conferences: Annual convention, including a Medical Cannabis bonus hour. Essential Requirements Conference with workshops on Diversity, Ethics, and Supervision
  2. Free-standing workshops included: An assessment focus with Diagnosis of Reading Disorders and the R-PAS Rorschach Performance Assessment System, Behavioral Interventions for TIC Disorders, and Canine-Assisted Therapy
  3. Post-Doctoral Institutes: We wrapped up the PDI on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder with workshops on Treatment of Adults with ADHD and Helping College Students with ADHD Succeed. We also began a new PDI on Major Mood Disorders with workshop on Diagnosis of Depression and Assessing and Treating Suicide Risk
  4. Lunch and Learns are 90-minute seminars held in-person at the MPA office, simulcast for distance learning, and recorded for our webcast library. Topics covered this year were: our annual Legislative Update, Introduction to revised CPT assessment codes, Working in Tertiary Care Settings, Screening for Reading Disorders, Clinician Self-Care, Disaster Relief, and Psychotherapy and Medical Cannabis

Current initiativesOur newest online Independent/home study course on Supervision has been released. We plan to release more independent study courses throughout this year.