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Professional Practices Webinar Series

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Chair: Melinda Capaldi, PsyD, ABPP

Co-Chair: Marianne O’Leary, PhD

Members: Christine Sylvest, PhD, Jonathan Gorman, PsyD, Cindy Graham, PhD, Laurie Donze, PhD, Kasey Serdar, PhD

Mission/Role: The Professional Practice Committee serves as a resource for MPA Members in professional practice. The role of the committee is to address clinical practice issues and provide information and opportunities to aid practitioners in maintaining and growing sound practices. The committee addresses a variety of issues such as business information, forms, insurance considerations, and resources for evidence-based practice.

Vision: The Professional Practice committee aspires to provide ethically sound resources and best practices for the management of private practices across clinical and business related issues. Furthermore, this committee desires to foster a community of practitioners that support one another through information sharing and collaboration.

Objectives for 2018:

  • Continue to develop a user-friendly Professional Practice Toolkit with useful resources for practitioners in professional practice in Maryland
  • Develop a web-based interface with easy access to quality resources for practitioners in professional practice with potential for discussion boards
  • Host (and co-host) events focused on the business of practice that also provide networking opportunities and collaboration among fellow professional practitioners